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Plant Hunter - A Prototype

I've been working on something fun over the last few weeks. As someone who likes to build stuff in the real world as well as on the internet I've often lamented that there wasn't a larger intersection between the gardening world and the software engineering world. As I've admitted in the past I've got a bit of  'collector personality disorder' happening when it comes to buying plants... I'm pretty sure some of you do as well :) A big part of collecting things you love is sharing your "finds" with kindred souls. Even if you don't buy it - there is still value in spotting a plant and sharing the details with others. With that context I introduce ... Plant Hunter whichis a way to document the price and location of those treasures and share them with other plantaholics.

Here I am at the store that shall remain nameless taking a picture and capturing details in the field.

For this prototype I built just enough interface to understand how to best …

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