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Creating a Garden

Last Summer I was lucky enough to work on a project that involved designing a few gardens within a larger wooded property. The landscape contractor for the project had started some initial work but needed an overall design approach. What was immediately interesting was the site itself which had several acres of Redwood, Oak and Pine, a small creek and no obvious "front" or "back" yards. This site could be described as a network of garden nodes connected by paths and my job was to define (or redefine) a few of those garden nodes. The Site For reference here are a few "before" shots I took while doing the initial site visit. The property is generous in size; these are just the areas that needed to be tackled. Upper landing to be repurposed as a small orchard Wooded path heading to what will become a new fern garden The SF Peninsula has an interesting variety of habitats in a relatively small space. It takes less than an hour to drive from the coastal dunes,

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