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Planting an Aloe plicatilis

The weather here on the SF Peninsula has turned to winter over the last month which importantly means we finally get some rain in our Mediterranean climate. The hillsides have turned green again - even my lawn has turned from brown to green.

We've also had some sunny days recently which always prompts me to get outside and do something productive! The Aloe plicatilis pictured below has been living in this pot for the better part of 3 years - time for it to find a better home.

I'm not entirely sure why I'd never planted it before - probably because I couldn't find a spot for it initially. As I've thought more about expanding the hillside garden wall, new planting real estate and opportunities came to mind.

Dirt. It's an inevitable part of planting. This hole is wider than needed but I wanted to make sure I had space to position the plant as needed. I've left a layer of loose, native soil at the bottom.

Once I get this Aloe in the hole I'll need to back f…

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