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A trip to Annie's Annuals to see what's in stock

Last week I received an update from Annie's Annuals - an item on my wish list was in stock. I think it must have been 2 or 3 yrs ago that added anything to their wish list so there was a bit of mystery involved as I opened the email. "Aloe africana! I wonder what else they've been growing?"

Time for a visit - it's less than an hour away if we leave early enough to avoid traffic. As an extra enticement Annie's was in the middle of a 20% off sale.

( all of these pictures were taken from my phone at mid-day so... )

Yes - I bought a Yucca gloriosa. This will be my first Yucca because growing up in California and seeing them everywhere I previously found them a bit 'yucky'.

 Interesting right? Maybe it's just me but I've never seen this plant before. I'm not entirely sure I really 'like' it - but the odd, fleshy, warty leaves convinced me to add one to the cart.

I remember seeing a Puya in bloom for the first time and being somewhat co…

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