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What's Propagating? Aloe and Agave.

A few years back I installed a 4' x 8' grow tent in our garage and have been using it to hone my skills propagating plants from seed. The grow lights, warmth and humidity combine to create an environment that the germinating seedlings seem to enjoy. On top of the great growing environment is another benefit - the space can be optimized to grow a lot of seedlings. Lets take a tour of what's growing! Grow tent tucked into a corner of the garage The tent's temperature usually stabilizes in the mid-70's F - probably because it's in the garage which itself is a consistent environment. This tends to keep the soil temperature at a point that's conducive to seed germination and early growth. Fairly typical temp and humidity in the tent I generally start with 50 to 100 germinating seeds in an open tray which is kept covered by a humidity dome for several weeks and then occasionally use the cover as needed. The Agave seedlings below are in the last "open" tr

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