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Below the Bridge

 The January weather this year was accommodating enough that an early re-start on the hillside garden proved too tempting to turn down. "Cut and fill" in the unfinished hillside garden  The front garden has a roughly "S" shaped path that meanders down the hillside. The dirt path in the bottom left is on top of "fill" from the "cut" to the right. Below the bridge - rough grading for the dry creek For posterity - the "before" shot. A few days later - more rocks arrive During the first weekend of work After the palettes of material arrive there's always a fun discovery phase where I see what exactly I have to work with this time around. Afternoon in February, 2022 With no rain for some time the ground is already turning color. Normally this is our rainy season and while I appreciate the beautiful weather this means the ground may dry out earlier this year.   Most of the rock at this point is fairly well spread out across the hillside

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