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Growing Aloe Thraskii

Aloe thraskii has proven to be one of the fastest growing Aloes in my yard. At just over a year in the ground it is already putting up magnificent, candelabra like, bloom spikes!

Who doesn't like to see the bees come out on a sunny day in January? Look closely at the shot below and you'll notice the bee carrying little, orange, saddlebags of pollen.

But let's go back in time a few years to when this same plant was living in a pot. I'd originally purchased this plant at a 5 gal size and then shortly there after upgraded to 15 gal until I could figure out where it would live permanently.

Planting it required removing some of the lower leaves.

Not many months later this specimen of Aloe thraskii had responded well to being planted in the ground.

I've turned into a believer that it's worth spending the extra $$ upfront on a few larger specimens for a quicker impact in the garden. This is especially true if the garden is new and a variety of height is mostly likel…

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