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Agave Chiapensis Fruit and Seeds

 I've been waiting now for months. I want the Agave chiapensis seed pods to dry up or otherwise signal they are ready. Technically I supposed these are fruit, not seed pods. They seem to be stuck at a green, fleshy stage. Not much has changed in months.   This past Sunday morning I had some time to kill so I thought... "I'm just going to cut open a few of these and see what's going on there!" Cross section of an A. chiapensis fruit show 3 capsules These "fruit" may look soft and juicy but don't judge a seed pod by it's cover - they were actually very woody and tough to cut open. I started the dissection with a utility knife but quickly switched to large kitchen knife. A. chiapensis fruit cut lengthwise showing seeds The stack of seeds remind me of a book or magazine rack. The dark lines are actual seeds; the light brown striations are paper thin seeds that never developed. Inside of an Agave chiapensis seed pod Once I removed the seeds I was stru

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