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Garden Skylines

Nicely composed landscapes and garden vignettes remind me of interesting city skylines. I'm sure you can picture some of the world's most famous city skylines right now if you tried - San Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong, New York ... These skylines are compelling in a way that a suburban strip-mall is not. But why?

Above shot of San Francisco by Florent Lamoureux is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A recent post by Danger Garden showing a sepia post card got me thinking about how to zero in on form in our backyard gardens. Let's try removing some of the color "noise".

With the colors gone the plant shapes and the over all 'garden skyline' become a bit more visible.

Next lets convert the image to a sketch which will drop out much of the detail but still contains some reference to texture.

Now that items in the background have been omitted, the garden skyline is emerging clearly!

One thing that popped out to me while sketching the above - the textures of this garden …

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