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Plant Buying Expedition for the San Carlos Garden Club Spring Sale

The Civic Garden Club of San Carlos, CA is scheduled to hold it's annual plant sale this year on Saturday, May 4th, 9am. If you're a plant lover be sure to get there early; I didn't even get to finish unloading plants last year before a few early birds were claiming their favorites. I'm helping the club by buying a variety of succulents (there will of course be lots of other plants as well)

This past weekend I hit the road on a brief plant buying expedition down to San Diego County. My first stop was M & J Nursery where the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and take as much time as needed to answer questions.

 M & J is a smaller nursery when compared to other more well known outfits in the area but they have a great selection and usually a few choice plants not available other places. It's fun walking through the greenhouses - I'm never sure what I'll find there.

 These miniature Agave grow up to 18" wide and might just make the perfect a…

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