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Huntington Botanical Gardens

 I recently stopped by the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, CA for the first time after what seems like years of reading about the trips of others. I was truly surprised by the size of the grounds and variety of plants across the many themed gardens! Entrance Alley The Huntington is like Disneyland for plant aficionados - complete with a 'Main Street". Along both sides of this alley are many patios for small groups, families or just individuals to relax. I thought it was a brilliant idea! One of many alcove patios offering privacy Lots of treasures in the alcove patios At end of the entrance alley is a rill with paths on either side leading visitors toward the heart of the botanical gardens. View from the top of the rill View from the bottom of the rill Aloe and grass meadow near the entrance Of course I was looking forward to the Desert Garden in a big way but I truly enjoyed walking through the rest of the gardens as well. There was a lot to be inspired by in the Desert Gard

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