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Mangave Propagation by Division

This past week I tackled a project I've been putting off for years - dividing and re-potting several Mangave "Macho Mocha".  Here's a view of the end state. Newly divided Mangaves But, lets start at the beginning - the very beginning.  I bought these plants awhile back as plugs . They grew quickly but keeping them in nursery pots outside turned into a maintenance headache. They took up too much space in our small backyard and I eventually tried to get rid of as many as possible or just let them languish in forgotten corners. Mangave "Macho Mocha" in sad shape Step one was hold the plants upside down and shaking off as much of the accumulated debris as possible before removing the Mangave from their pots. Typical of how root-bound all the Mangave were after a few years Circling roots means it is past time to re-pot Mix of old and new roots   California had a lot of rain this year which was tough on some of the potted plants but what didn't make the news

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