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Building a Dry Creek Part 3

The dry creek progress has continued sporadically since the Spring. I have not done much with the creek itself but I have worked on the approaches to the creek and as you can see below a way to cross the creek that doesn't involve jumping! If you have not already take a peek at earlier progress reports - Update 1 and Update 2 March 2021 Securing the 4"x6" beams of our toy bridge   I spent an evening trying to learn something about the load bearing capacity of various sized beams and bumped into a lot of explanations that were of the "It depends" sort. In the end I decided 4"x6" beams would be more than enough for such a short span and a bridge surface that would rarely need to hold more than 2 -3 people.   My youngest learning how to use an impact driver The wooden treads are left over from a deck we removed in the backyard. The stain I'm applying looked blue on the treads to start but has since lost that hue. Next Week Layer of drain rock goes d

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