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Backyard Garden - One Year Anniversary Tour

A year has passed since we first started the current backyard garden. It's time to check in and see how much the original plants have grown and what new plants have been added.

As a reference point for how much has changed, here's a historical post - Bed Two

I've grown attached to some of the volunteer flowers that pop up throughout the seasons. The purple flowers above are Bee Balm volunteers. The only drawback is they grow too large and shade succulents from the sun. The Aloe striata suffered from sunburn after I pulled out lots of CA poppies late this spring.

These Coral Aloes have grown quite a bit in the last few months. The rock mulch shown above has helped them stay green and lush. What's also helped are the temporary sunshades erected this summer. I plan on taking them down in late October as the back garden starts to receive less light. The temporary posts are made from a deck that used to sit over this spot.

Ground cover along the edge of a mound can be toug…

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