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In Conversation with Garden AI

Sure I like plants, gardening, landscape design and just being outdoors but I also like technology and some of the weird and wondrous ways these two topics can intersect. Case in point - the new ChatGPT playground from OpenAI is an advanced chat bot that excels at natural language, learning and occasionally drawing conclusions - even when the topic happens to be... Garden Design. I don't claim to be an expert (or even a novice) when it comes to topics like Natural Language Processing, NLP,  I've just always had an interest since trying to write my own rudimentary language processor almost 20 years ago. I'm just happy at this point to be a user who gets to marvel at this tool we've been handed. So where am I going with this? Believe me - I have an interesting concrete example of chat intersecting with gardening to share. First though I should say that ChatGPT has access to a lot of training data - meaning it's general understanding of the world is broad - kind of li

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