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Propagating Agave vilmoriniana bulbils

 If there was ever a vote for the easiest agave to propagate - the Octopus Agave would be a contender. As anyone who has ever had one bloom will tell you - it is prolific! I had three Agave vilmoriniana bloom and produce bulbils this year and without exaggerating I can say there are thousands of bulbils.   Bulbils!    Sadly, the vast majority will end up in the bin. The biggest stalk is close to 20 feet tall  As you can see it is not the prettiest of sights. I've resisted the urge to rip out the mother plant and rethink that area of the garden. I'm sure that job will be on my plate soon. In the meantime the bulbils seem to keep growing.   Collected and sorted Notice that none of the bulbils had roots when they were collected. I'm not sure if they begin growing roots, like other Agave species, while still attached to the flower stalk.   Farming bulbils  I've used a variety of soil mixtures with the bulbils. They seem to like a light and fluffy "seed starter"

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