Succulent Plugs for the Grow Tent

A few months ago I invested in a grow tent for the garage with the intent of creating space suitable for seedlings and young plants year round. The thing is - I never have much luck growing aloe or agave from seed - no matter how many videos I watch. So I did the next best thing - I ordered plugs from Rancho Tissue Culture and they finally arrived today.

As you can see above, they came in a large box.

Each 1020 sized tray came expertly packed and positioned within the rigidly framed box. I imagine they didn't move much during their 24hr journey. Seeing how plants are shipped is an interesting side topic as each nursery outfit seems to do it differently.

Mangave 'Macho Mocha'

Mangave 'Macho Mocha' close up

When these Mangave grow up hopefully they will look as good as the adult in this image (complements of the San Marcos Growers site)

Agave pedunculifera

 Around the edges of the tray you can see some damage to leaves that were squished. Overall damage to plants seems to have been minimal. These A. pedunculifera will grow up to looks something like the below....

Aloe arborescens x ferox ‘Tangerine’

Handsome little guys right? Here's what they'll look like eventually.

Safely ensconced in their new home next to the cilantro and under the watchful eye of an Aloe vanbalenii. I had to clear a space for these new arrivals. I've found over the past few months that plants are responding to the lights with deeper, richer colors and a slightly enhanced growth rate compared to similar plants I've left outside.

Aloe Tangerine 'Stage 4' root growth

I'd say the Aloe 'Tangerine' plugs are ready for a bigger home.

Agave pedunculifera 'Stage 4' root growth

I'll provide updates periodically. Next step will be some re-potting. Until next time ....

July 8th, 2019 Update:

Mangave "Macho mocha" at 3 months

Aloe "Tangerine" at 3 months


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