Agave Crime Scene

 This new show follows a team of forensic experts as they investigate a string of agave mutilations in a small desert town. The culprit: gophers. But these aren't your average, run-of-the-mill rodents. They're smart, elusive, and leave no trace of evidence. With the clock ticking and the town's agave industry on the line, can the team uncover the truth and bring the gopher gang to justice? Tune in to find out.

The victim


Detective Jack Hudson takes no prisoners.



They always come from below

"Agave Crime Scene": Join Detective Jack Hudson and Detective Lisa Sanchez as they hunt down the cunning gopher gang destroying agave plants in a small desert town. Catch them every Thursday at 9 PM EST, only on USA Channel.


  1. Ugh! I had gophers for a time but I was able to drive them away using a combination of sonic devices and granular repellents watered into the soil. They eventually moved elsewhere but the non-lethal strategy took awhile. So far, they haven't come back but I've still got battery-powered devices in place in a couple of areas. (The solar-powered ones work but they didn't last much longer than a year.) Luckily, I only lost Aeoniums.

  2. Huh??? I use the 'Black Hole' trap the instant a mound appears in the garden. Before their tunnel network is fully dug they are the most vulnerable. Wow. Hope Jack and Lisa get the culprits.


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