Wednesday Vignette: Drimia maritima

 I guess it's that time of year again? I'm not sure when Drimia maritima aka "Sea Squill" normally wakes up from it's long slumber. After I accidentally dug this plant up last year during a renovation I was half tempted to throw it out ...

Drimia maritima bulb emerges from slumber

Luckily I took the time to find an empty nursery pot and give it a second chance at life. No bloom that I can remember last year - although it had bloomed for several years prior. This plant has been living at the nursery since the Spring where temps can get quite hot on a daily basis so I'm wondering if it is emerging at an odd time (?)

Anyone else seeing their Drimia bulb(s) putting out new leaves?

Update Late October 2023

About 1 month of growth


  1. My Drimia foliage generally appears in late winter/early spring when the rain brings them back from the dead. In the years in which they bloom (sporadically), that happens in September/October long after the foliage has died back. This year, I had spring foliage but I haven't seen a single flower, despite our heavier-than-usual rain. However, they were in full bloom at my local botanic garden when I was there a week ago.

    1. That's what I thought I remembered! The leaves go brown over the Summer before it blooms. In fact now that I'm thinking about it - this same plant just had brown leaves a few months back. weird that it reset and new leaves are returning so early.


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