Topiary Factory

Now for something completely outside my normal programming... a quick tour of an Ivy topiary factory! Within the sprawling nursery complex in which I reside also exists a topiary nursery. Everything is created by hand, to include the metal frames, as a result every item is unique. At first sight I felt I'd been transported back in time 150 yrs; there is a definite Dickensian feel happening. I'm not going to give away any of the topiary creation secret sauce today - just some fun looking creations.


Cats successfully herded

Christmas is just around the corner

What good boys. Treats are deserved.

Insert your own caged bird witticism

Frog Prince

More good dogs

Lots of baskets to be had as well

Looks like monkey business

Had enough yet? Tours can be arranged.


Lastly I spotted this...

Giant bromeliad?

I'm sure there is a story here. Most likely detritus of previous nursery people.

I wonder who these guys are?

Until next time!


  1. A group of hoop houses, some occupied, some deserted and in disrepair, is one of my very favorite places to explore. There are so many layers of history. Thanks for this little tour.

    1. Well, I think you might find this area in Half Moon Bay interesting as there are definitely a lot of nursery spaces to explore!

  2. That bromeliad is fabulous! I was given a cat topiary form years ago, which I covered in succulent cuttings - maybe there's a market angle for succulent topiaries in collaboration with your nursery neighbor there for you ;

    1. Interesting that you mention that Kris - I was just talking to the nursery manager today and he said they had tried the idea. Apparently there was not enough customer interest.

  3. Whatever sells, I guess. Admire the craft involved but...Ivy, you know?

    Magnificent Tillandsia(?) clump there. Wowza!


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