Wednesday Vignette - Aloe Wickensii

Aloe wickensii in full bloom
Garish blooms of Aloe wickensii

It was a bright winter afternoon when these pictures were taken (apologies for the blown out highlights) In this light the flowers appear too saturated with color... but that's just how they look.

Aloe wickensii bloom closeup with a busy bee
Very popular with the pollinators

Mature Aloe wickensii in a large pot
Broad leaves give A. wickensii the appearance of an agave.

I'm glad this Aloe still seems happy in this pot after several years because I have no plans to move it.




  1. Gorgeous! Now I really hope mine gets around to blooming. Off-hand, I'd say it looks almost as beefy as yours.

    1. Nice. It seems like it would be well suited to your climate. It's a tough but handsome plant. seems to put up more blooms now than a few years ago.

  2. It looks happy and healthy. And, it has a nice view of the hills. Are the flowers really so saturated in color? Mine has not flowered yet, ever. The wait continues!

    1. Very close. The morning light might have accentuated the saturation somehow. I didn't adjust the color at any rate.


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