Odd looking Agave "Blue Glow" bulbils

 Notice anything strange about this plant!? I've been watching it develop bulbils directly from it's center for several months now. I'd assumed that bulbils grew from a flower stalk but I guess not always!

Agave "Blue Glow" with bulbils

Seems odd to me but I've only been growing a handful of these plant for ~4 yrs so I'm not an expert. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Agave "Blue Glow" bulbils closeup
bulbils close up

Agave "Blue Glow" empty bulbil spot

Here you can see the empty space left after I pulled one of the bulbils off the parent plant. The Agave bulbil came off with just a little effort and even included a few roots.

detached Agave "Blue Glow" bulbils
Detached Agave bulbils

Root buds on Agave bulbil

Agave bulbil root node
Emerging roots on a bulbil

Agave "Blue Glow" after removing bulbils
Should recover fine right?

As far as I know this plant was not damaged in any way but perhaps it's roots were disturbed by gophers or moles (?) I'll have to dig it up to find out. It does feel suspiciously loose.

Expired Agave "Blue Glow" removed from ground

No sign of anything suspicious... Agave Weevils, Gophers, Ants etc

Agave "Blue Glow"
Neighboring plant with an odd looking crown

Planted just a few feet away is another "Blue Glow" with a crown that has formed in a tight looking bunch of smaller leaves. This is not normal. I have a vague memory that the other plant started the same way.

Normally looking Agave "Blue Glow"
Normal looking Agave "Blue Glow" in front yard


At this point I'm not sure why this "Blue Glow" reacted the way it did. Any one else seen similar behavior?


  1. I have a Mangave 'Bloodspot' that's developed a similarly odd center. My husband accidentally severed its bloom spike a couple of months ago, although I vaguely recall that the plant appeared to be developing oddly even before that happened. I've also seen other bloggers post photos of succulents producing offsets from unexpected sections of the plant following damage to the plant's crown. Your unexpected offsets look healthy and worth potting up!

  2. I have seen a 'Blue Glow' do exactly this same thing in a garden here in Portland, I believe it suffered winter damage (occurring late Feb of this year).

  3. Those offsets will root and produce mostly fine looking new BGs. I've done it several times. Here about 3/4 of them make perfectly nice new plants, and the remainder grow non-symmetrically, have strangely shaped leaves, and are generally not so pretty. If you can get a clean new symmetrically growing center from the original you can always cut that out and reroot that one if you want a more typical specimen.

    the 2nd from the last plant, that's an odd one! Quite interesting. Have not seen any one like that here. Maybe errors in the Tissue Culture process?


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