Growing Aloe mutabilis

Because of it's upright, vase like form and almost iridescent teeth, Aloe mutabilis has become one of my garden favorites! Rain, drought, hot days, cold nights... Aloe mutabilis doesn't complain.

Aloe mutabilis
Aloe mutabilis, September 2018

It's been in the ground now for less than a year, has nearly doubled in size and is producing several offsets. I originally purchased this plant in July of 2017 as a 4" pot from Annies. I grew it for a year in a 2 gallon pot where it seemed happy enough - but like many plants this A. mutabilis exploded in growth once in the ground.

Aloe mutabilis, July 2019
Aloe mutabilis, Late July 2019

Aloe mutabilis resembles A. arborescens somewhat but so far seems to have a more upright form, and broader, thicker leaves. I hope it's overall shape remains the same. The leaf margin 'teeth' regularly appear as if they are glowing which is one of this plants most interesting traits in my opinion. It looks as if the leaf color has also changed over the last year to a blue-green.

Aloe mutabilis flower stalk emerging
Flower stalk emerging - Winter 2019

Aloe mutabilis flower stalk
Aloe mutabilis Flower Stalk  - Winter 2019

Aloe mutibilis cuttings
Aloe mutabilis cuttings waiting to be planted Fall, 2019

Aloe mutabilis cutting planted and growing
Aloe mutabilis cutting Spring, 2020

At this point the cutting had been planted and growing for a number of months. I believe it was around this time or shortly after that I noticed new root growth visible through the drain holes at bottom of the pot!

Update - Winter 2020

Aloe mutabilis in bloom

Aloe mutabilis flower close up


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