Growing Aloe kedongensis

It seems like such a long time ago that we re-landscaped the backyard... it's only been 10 months. But wow! Looking back and seeing just how much the plants have grown is pretty cool.

Aloe kedongensis - September 2018

Aloe kedongensis - July 2019

The angle and distance are not identical but check out all the new growth. Kedongensis doesn't feel like it will ever be the star of the garden but I appreciate it for what it is... a solid background plant that somehow reminds me of Gumby.

To date I've not seen this plant flower but Aloe kedongensis blooms are described as:

Aloe kedongensis salmon-orange flowers that appear on mostly simple (un-branched) spikes in late winter and spring. The inflorescence is 50 cm (20 inch) tall. 

If you thought the lacy looking plant in the background is asparagus you'd be correct - it seems happy so I never bothered to pull it out :)

There are several other plants that have experienced impressive growth but I'll wait on a recap until the official one year mark.


March, 2020

Aloe kedongensis blooming flower closeup
Bloom closeup - March, 2020

Aloe kedongensis cutting
Cutting from Fall 2019


  1. I was gifted some aloe cuttings recently, and I scribbled the names phonetically on my phone, which then autocorrected my guess -- aagh! But I'm pretty sure one of them is Aloe nyeriensis aka Aloe kedongensis, which led me to your wonderful blog. Another cutting I'm pretty sure is Aloe pluridens, which I see you also grow! (Another cutting was autocorrected to "Aloe fibrosis" and I can't figure out what this one might be.) . Love what you're doing with the plantings and look forward to watching them mature.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Denise! I hadn't heard of Aloe nyeriensis until you mentioned it above. Pics online make it out to have thinner, more elongated leaves than kedongensis which to seems to have shorter, thicker leaves (why it strikes me as Gumby looking). I have to admit I like tree aloes the most which is why I planted a few Aloe pluridens - they are still under 1ft sadly.


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