Backyard visitors

Much to our surprise this morning while watching Sweden vs Germany in the WWC we noticed some visitors that had (very rudely) invited themselves into our backyard.

Backyard Wildife

Luckily there isn't much for them to munch on other than a volunteer tomato, sedum and a few errant California poppies.

Alert and moving to protect her babies
Camera in hand I moved forward to flush her out of the yard. I'm probably too cavalier with the local deer because they are so common - they've become almost like large squirrels. My wife pointed out that this momma deer was walking toward me ... not away... whoops. My thoughts were simply "Please don't hurt my plants!"

Bambi searching for a tasty bite to eat

I think this young one didn't find much to eat - although they do seem to love the sedum which is just behind the A. lopantha.

All in all not much damage to speak of but I think it's well past time to replace that back gate.


  1. I was so strongly impacted by 'Bambi' as a child that it's hard for me not to be charmed by the sight of a deer, and especially a fawn. That said, I imagine I'd quickly become incensed if one appeared and nibbled up half my garden. In theory, raccoons are cute too but I lost my fondness for them very quickly; however, I've learned that they will sometimes stand their ground when I head out after them so now I go out armed with a stick, just in case.

    1. It was pretty cool to see bambi in my backyard. Unfortunately he ended up a little spooked, ran too close to some Agave macroacantha, and got poked.


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