Wednesday Vignette - Guardians of the Garden

 I'm not a collector of garden art but over the years we have added a few 'guardians'. The have become local spirits of the garden or Lares.

Bocca della Verità

A sleeping King?

Cactus Nymph

The Family Gargoyle

If you thought the lighting for these pictures was odd... you'd be right. Yesterday afternoon fires got considerably worse after a recent lightening storm.

Smokey morning with an other worldly glow

2020 - in my household is considered an Annus horribilis


  1. Yes, I think 2020 is going to go down as a miserable year for most of us. I like your sleeping king and the nymph. I have a couple of "green men" looking over my garden, as well as one dog-like gargoyle.

    I hope the smoke isn't too bad in your location. We're dealing with it here too, although the fires are quite a distance away. My SIL in Grass Valley has been packed and ready to evacuate in the face of the Jones Fire since Monday night but that situation appears to be improving.

    1. The smoke is pretty bad around here since the nearest fire isn't so far away as a crow flies. We have a fancy Dyson air purifier which was telling us this morning the air quality in the house was in the red - very bad. Of course the heat wave isn't helping either ! :(


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