Wednesday Vignette - Smoky Apocalypse

California wildfires this year have turned our normally pleasant summer weather into what feels like an oppressive smoke filled room with no exit. Back in mid-August when this all started the air was smokey enough that I took a picture. Looks a little hazy I guess.

Garden view on a Smokey day


This morning the greater SF Bay Area woke up to a Martian Sky that I can't quite capture. The picture below taken at 12 Noon looks brighter than it was in reality. It's dark enough out that it feels like an autumn twilight. 

Very Smokey Day







12 Noon


In the closeup above you might notice a few street lights have turned and have an odd blue fluorescent glow. It's just weird.

2pm w/surprise

For contrast here's a picture from last year!




  1. That orange sky does look apocalyptic - or like a scene out of a bad horror movie. Our sky was just a dirty gray color, looking almost as if a storm was moving in. We've had ash falling since Monday and, although we can't smell smoke here, we've received warnings of unhealthy air quality.

    1. Sounds like it's hard to escape the smoke on the west coast!

  2. Yep, here too. I had the lights on indoors at 3 in the afternoon it got so dark. Let's hope there is not more to come of this. 2020 has been bad enough already.

    1. Unfortunately I think we are in for more bad stuff this year :(


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