It was Spring for a few hours today

Spring in January? Sure felt that way as I worked in a t-shirt this afternoon.

yes, my backyard looks a little chaotic currently

'Boutin' Blue in a jam packed corner

Aloe thraskii starting to bloom

Eric the Red starting to bloom

Aloe rooikappie blooming again!

Had to put this in just because it summarizes the afternoon.

It seems odd that a few bees are out in January and yet they seemed happy enough this afternoon visiting the few bloom in my yard.

Just one of the Aloe wickensii blooms

Aloe cameronii

Tomorrow more rain; no more sun. Oh well - it was nice while it lasted.


  1. It's nice to see what the bloom on Aloe wickensii looks like - mine still hasn't chosen to bloom. Today looks to be our sunniest day this week and I hope to make the best of it as well.

  2. For the longest time I wasn't sure what was going to happen with the Aloe wickensii - the buds looked like pine cones for a month or more. This is the first time it's bloomed since I bought 2 yrs ago. It has a total of 6 blooms. I think it's a keeper.


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